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Sanford family files appeal to keep chickens

Posted July 1, 2008 2:51 p.m. EDT

— A family has filed an appeal with Sanford’s Code Enforcement department in an effort to keep 14 chickens in their back yard.

The appeal allows Alexandra Reid more time to make her case to the Sanford City Council. She is scheduled to meet with the council on July 15. The appeal also prevents the Reid family from being fined $100 a day for each chicken. The family was supposed to start being fined Wednesday.

The Reid family has had the chickens more than three years. During that time the birds have won prizes at county and state fairs.

When the Sanford City Council recently found out the animals lived at the Reids' home, they informed the family the chickens are against a city ordinance that prohibits poultry, swine or goats within the corporate limits of the city.

The city cites concerns about noise, smell and health.

Alexandra Reid said other cities allow chicken coops. She recently lobbied for the council to change the ordinance, proposing rules for chicken coops in the city. She suggested the coops be kept neat and fully covered and be located on large pieces of land at least 50 feet from a dwelling.

“There was no real consensus to move in that direction,” City Manager Hal Hegwer said.