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'NCAWARE' at a glance

Posted June 18, 2008 8:08 p.m. EDT

  • NCAWARE is one of the major steps outlined by a study committee created by the North Carolina Legislature to build a criminal justice information network in the state.
  • In 2002, the General Assembly enacted House Bill 1583 to establish the use of enhanced electronic technology in criminal process and procedure.
  • In response to HB 1583, the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts began developing the secure Web-based application called NCAWARE (North Carolina Arrest Warrant Repository.)
  • The project is funded from a federal earmark, the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission and the General Assembly.
  • Project created and developed in partnership with the State Bureau of Investigation, local law enforcement agencies, the Department of Correction, the Division of Motor Vehicles and the State Highway Patrol, as well as law enforcement officials, magistrates, clerks, who are the end users that helped design and test the application.
  • NCAWARE maintains detailed information about criminal process, such as warrants, magistrate orders, citations that lead to an arrest, criminal summons, orders for arrest, release orders and appearance bonds. It also tracks information and details for all people and businesses involved in such processes.
  • NCAWARE is real-time, meaning the information is viewable by all users immediately.
  • Any state law enforcement agency using the system can serve any outstanding warrant, no matter who is assigned to the warrant. The system can be accessed from law enforcement vehicles, which expedites the process of serving a warrant.
  • Implementation of NCAWARE will be on a county-by-county basis. Once implemented in all 100 counties, expected in 2010, the number of users is estimated to reach 35,000.