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Holly Springs lays traps for rabid animals

Two rabid foxes have been captured in the past week after attacking a woman and a dog, and police captured two raccoons that might have been infected.

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HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. — Local authorities said they believe they have captured all the rabid animals in an area of town, but they have set out traps just in case.

Two rabid foxes have been captured in the past week within a mile of Optimist Farm and Sunset Lake roads. Police also captured two raccoons in the area that might have been infected.

One of the foxes scratched a woman on the face on May 20.

"She had no clue what was going on. She looked up, and it jumped her," said Lt. Anthony Revels of the Holly Springs Police Department.

On Saturday, Tony Adams shot and killed another rabid fox when it attacked Xena, his rat terrier, in his yard.

"I saw the tail sticking out (from) the porch, (and) I knew exactly what it was," Adams said. "It was real aggressive."

The fox had Xena by its head and neck, and the dog gave "a scared bark, a fighting bark" for help, he said.

"I jumped up and went and got one of my guns," he said, adding that he fired three shots from a semi-automatic rifle at the fox and killed it.

Xena had not been vaccinated for rabies and had to be put down, Adams said.

"It was hard, but it was fair," he said, noting he had owned the dog for eight years.

Police have issued a phone warning to all nearby residents, and they hope the traps will prevent attacks by any other rabid animals that might still be in the area.

"The rabies virus lasts about four to six days, depending on the animal," Revels said. "If we go a week or two without having any more cases, I think we'll be good to go."

Anyone who spots an animal acting strangely is urged to call police.



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