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Do My Job: Being a mom to multiples

Posted May 13, 2008 9:47 a.m. EDT

Being a mom can be a tough job. But what about being a mom to multiples?

As part of this week's "Do My Job" series, WRAL Reporter Kim Dean visited a mother with a 4-year-old and quadruplets.

Melanie Osborne’s job starts in the wee hours of the morning. Her four, 9-month-old girls don’t sleep through the night yet.

“Sometimes they wake up two to three times. Last night, I had to wake up four times,” Osborne said.

Then, around 6 a.m., the day officially starts for Kaidan, Willow, Bella and Sophie. From there, it's non-stop diaper changes, bottles, meal times and, if you’re lucky, naps.

Osborne is also a full time real estate agent. She and her husband also have a 4-year old daughter.

“It gets a little overwhelming, but not bad. They are your kids. They are so cute and sweet. You’re tired, but you’re tired because they are your kids,” Osborne said.

When Dean stepped in to try to do Osborne’s job for one day, she learned that it takes precision to juggle four babies.

“There’s a lot of diapers,” she said.

Keeping the girls entertained can be especially tough.

“Be nice, no pushing, no pushing,” Dean said.

It wasn't long before dad came to the rescue and offered a quick lesson on how to carry multiple babies.

“Two at a time. Ugh, man, you guys are kinda heavy,” Dean said, struggling to pick up two girls.

Dean then headed downstairs for feeding time.

“This is a complete disaster,” she said, as Willow grabbed the food that Bella refused to eat.

Osborne gets help during the day when she deals with clients, but she often has all five kids by herself.

“I couldn't pretend for even for a minute I did your job. You're awesome,” Dean said.

“You did good. You gave me a good break,” Osborne said.

Tune in Wednesday to WRAL’s Morning News at 6 to see Kim take on the job of a Krispy Kreme employee.