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Do My Job: Spend a day as video-game journalist

The Do My Job series introduces your neighbors and what they do for a living. WRAL's Kim Dean spends a day with John Gaudiosi, learning what it takes to be a video-game journalist.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Video games are a multibillion-dollar industry covered by dedicated journalists – and one of the most prolific video-game journalists lives and works in the Triangle.

As part of the Do My Job series, WRAL's Kim Dean spent the day with John Gaudiosi, learning what it takes to cover the world of interactive entertainment.

Gaudiosi's office is a game room filled with every type of gaming system and lined with stacks of games. Of course, a desk and typewriter sit in one corner.

Gaudiosi, though, said much of his time is spent away from the game room, traveling around the world.

"I spent a lot of time traveling, because the video game business is a $40 billion global business, and video games are pretty much made around the world," Gaudiosi said.

Gaudiosi has written for publications, including the Washington Post, Hollywood Reporter and Wired Magazine. He writes a blog as the gaming guru for WRAL Local TechWire.

Gaudiosi said one of the benefits for working as a freelancer is that he gets to chose the subjects that he covers. Organizations pay him in different ways, by the word, by the article or sometimes on retainer.

He covers video games, the people who make them and the industry itself. And, of course, he has to master playing the games in order to write about them.



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