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Alleged bigamist might have seven wives

Posted May 8, 2008 9:46 a.m. EDT
Updated May 8, 2008 9:52 p.m. EDT

— A Cary man accused of being married to both a Cary woman and Clayton woman might also be married to women in Georgia, Virginia and Arizona.

That's according to his wife in Cary, Shannetta Dawn Stone-Wilkins, who says at least three of them could be in Virginia and one in Arizona.

Police arrested Keron Wilkins, 31, of 136 Chatham Woods Drive, Tuesday after receiving a call from Stone-Wilkins about how he would disappear for several days at a time and could not be reached.

Stone-Wilkins says she later learned he had a wife in Clayton, Chaka Wilkins, and two children with her – an 8-month-old and a 5-year-old.

"I gave him every opportunity to come to me and be honest about the situation," Stone-Wilkins said. "I don't know why he did this. I don't know what his motives were."

A third woman from Atlanta, Jenean Baker, also came forward Thursday, saying she married Keron Wilkins in Miami in November 2005 and started divorce proceedings in early 2006.

That was when, she said, she learned of his relationship with Chaka Wilkins.

Stone-Wilkins, who married Keron Wilkins in March, said he told her that Baker was his former fiancée, that she moved away and they never married.

"I'm very, very angry. I'm very upset," Stone-Wilkins said. "The reason I'm trying to get this out there is I don't want this to happen to anybody else. And there could be other women out there."

Cary police are still investigating, but said Thursday they don't anticipate any more bigamy charges under their jurisdiction. There could be more forthcoming in other municipalities.

Baker said she has decided to pursue criminal charges.

Cary police said Wednesday that they believe Keron Wilkins was purposely leading a double life.

"It wasn't a situation where there were any religious undertones to this," Cary police Capt. Mike Williams said. "He was doing this to have (several) separate wives, it appears."

Keron Wilkins was in the Wake County Jail Thursday under a $3,000 bond.