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One-Stop Voting Numbers, Locations Grow

Wake County residents wishing to take advantage of one-stop voting have eight new locations to choose from.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Wake County residents wishing to take advantage of one-stop voting have eight new locations to choose from.

Until recently, one-stop voting was only offered at the Wake County Board of Elections office.

Zachery Jones is one of many voters who are taking advantage of early one-stop voting.

“Early voting is very convenient. It allows people of various different schedules to be able to get out,” Jones said.

Some election experts said most voters who take advantage of one-stop voting are young.

“Senior citizens never go out because they like the ritual of election day. Young people, three weeks early doesn’t matter to them,” said David McClennan of Peace College.

Many say early voting also caters more to the impulsive voter.

“When you hear something quick you either like it, or if you don’t like it, you want to take action as soon as possible,” Jones said.

Some campaigns are using one-stop locations as a chance to reach undecided voters.

Anna Stein’s husband Josh Stein is running for state Senate. She sets up shop outside one-stop voting centers.

On Saturday, Stein stood about 10 feet away from Carol Spruill, the wife of opposing democratic candidate Jack Nichols. Mike Shea is also running for the democratic nomination.

Both Spruill and Stein say many early voters only have made up their minds on the more high-profile races.

“It’s an important race and not as many people know about it, so that’s why we are out here,” Stein said.

The Democratic presidential hopefuls are also getting involved in one-stop voting.

Barack Obama is attending a one-stop voting rally Monday in Chapel Hill. Hillary Rodham Clinton will also be attending an early vote event that day in Salisbury.

Experts say these rallied can cater to the impulsive voter.

“They’ll hear Obama speak on Monday and Tuesday and you’ll see an increased number of people in line. They’re just used to instant gratification,” McClennan said.

Since one-stop voting opened on April 17, more than 120,000 people statewide have taken advantage of it. One-stop voting continues through May 3.


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