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Man Posing as Law Enforcement Pulls Over Woman

A man wearing clothes with the letters "FBI" on the pocket pulled over a woman driving in Halifax County, the sheriff's office said.

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HALIFAX, N.C. — A man posing as a law-enforcement officer pulled over a woman driving in Halifax County, the sheriff's office confirmed Thursday.

A woman told police that a burgundy Nissan Altima with a blue light pulled her over while she was driving on Justice Branch Road between Halifax and Enfield around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A man wearing clothing with the letters "FBI" on the pocket got out of the Nissan and approached her car, the woman told deputies. The man had a brief conversation with the woman before telling her he wouldn't give her a ticket and cautioning her to be careful.

The man saw that children were in the car before leaving and getting back in the Nissan, deputies said.

Investigators determined that the man was not a local law-enforcement officer.

The man was described a white man, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a thin build.

The sheriff's office urged all women to exercise caution if they are pulled over by authorities. All law-enforcement vehicles initiating traffic stops are equipped with blue lights and sirens, they said.

Anyone who feels as though they are being stopped by anyone other than a genuine officer should ask to call 911 to verify the officer's identity. At night time, deputies recommend stopping near a street light, so you can observe the approaching officer.

If anyone knows of a person with access to the kind of vehicle that stopped the woman or who matches the description, please call the Halifax County Sheriffs Office at 252-583-1991 or Halifax County Crime Stoppers at 252-583-4444.

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