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Proposed Changes to Wake Schools Reassignment Plan

Posted January 28, 2008 6:43 p.m. EST

The Wake County Board of Education removed 370 students from its growth management plan on Jan. 28. The changes are tentative and are expected to go for a final vote Feb. 5.

From Davis Drive Elementary, 127 students from nodes 391.4 and 391.5 were removed from the reassignment plan. They were slated to go to Green Hope Elementary and will be reassigned there within the next three years, because Green Hope will lose students when newly built Alston Ridge Elementary opens. The other 172 students from other nodes will still move to Laurel Park Elementary.

From Oak Grove Elementary, 11 students from node 418.1; 15 students from node 418.2; and seven students from node 418.5 were removed from the plan. They will not move to Adams Elementary, which is losing a number of students to newly built Laurel Park Elementary. The board made its decision based on who lived closest to Oak Grove. Ninety students will still go to Adams or Green Hope.

From Creech Elementary, 59 students slated to move to Rand Road were taken out of the proposal.

From Durant Road Elementary, the school board split node 242; 30 were removed from the plan, but they will eventually move to Wilburn Elementary School. The other 70 will move to Brooks Elementary.

From Penny Road, node 444.6 (54 students) was removed from the plan. There was no need to move them, because the school board decided not to move a node from Smith Elementary to Penny Road.

From Smith Elementary, 67 students from node 497.2 were removed from the plan.