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Little Superman fills out role as big hero

It was an alert Caiden Towers, 4, who spotted smoke billowing from a brush fire Friday and helped keep it from reaching a nearby building.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Raleigh crews fought a brush fire along Capital Boulevard near Wake Forest Road on Friday after an unlikely hero spotted the blaze in time to keep it from being a big problem.

The fire forced the evacuation of a nearby thrift store and shut down a portion of the Norfolk Southern railroad when firefighters laid their hoses across the tracks.

“He's a little hero,” said 4-year-old Caiden Towers, proud mom, April.

That’s because Caiden, playing the role of his favorite superhero, Superman, was the first one to notice the fire as it inched closer to the building where his mother is the manager.

“I saw the smoke coming on top of the building. That's what I saw,” said the Clark Kent wannabe.

“My mom called them. My mom called the firemen.”

When firefighters got on the scene, they immediately got everyone out of the thrift store.

“It was getting ready to go into the back of the building, but we shut it off before it got to the building,” Capt. Gary Spain said.

No one but Superman was aware of the lurking danger.

“We didn't see it. We didn't smell it,” April Towers said. “He saved the day. He saved the building.”

It took firefighters about an hour to put out the fire.


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