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YMCA Letter About Sexual Abuse

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December 4, 2007

Dear Mr. and Mrs.____

We write this letter to inform you of an allegation of inappropriate behavior involving a staff member and two minor children at the Jones Dairy program site.

Upon receiving this information, we took a number of steps.

  • We immediately suspended the staff member alleged to have been involved in the incident.
  • We contacted the parents of the minor children.
  • We promptly initiated an investigation into the
  • matter.
  • As a result of our investigation, the staff member is no longer employed by the YMCA.
  • We contacted Child Protective Services.
  • We pledged our cooperation with enforcement authorities.

Please be assured that the safety of the children in our programs has been, and will be at all times, our number one priority.

If you should have questions, please contact ______.


Associate Branch Director

Banks D. Kerr Family YMCA

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