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Nonprofit Group Helps Children Gets Bikes for Christmas

Posted December 11, 2007 11:49 p.m. EST

— A new nonprofit group is teaming up with the Salvation Army to make Christmas dreams come true. The partnership will result in the largest bicycle distribution in the history of the Salvation Army in Wake County.

"Bikes have always been that Christmas gift that every child has wanted,” said Ashley Wilson, with the Triangle Spokes Group.

Wilson and Jenn Nowalk formed the Triangle Spokes Group to raise money to buy needy children new bikes.

The women never imagined they would raise enough for 200 new bikes and helmets in their first year.

"It truly is an amazing feeling and I can't wait to see the looks on the parents' faces,” Wilson said.

The bikes will be given to families who otherwise couldn't afford them through the Salvation Army's Christmas Cheer program.

One family gave 13 bikes to the cause. Their great-grandmother planned to donate one bike for each of her 13 grandchildren. When she died suddenly, the grandkids donated the bikes in her name.

"We are so lucky with the stuff we have already and people don't have the stuff we have,” contributer Austin Morin said. "It makes you feel like you are doing something good for the whole world."

A $70 donation buys a brand new bike and helmet. The Salvation Army plans to give the bikes to families with at least four children, so the bikes can be passed down.