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Paperwork Hinders Hospital's Possible Move

A deal made more than 20 years ago meant trouble Wednesday for a Franklin County Hospital.

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LOUISBURG — A deal made more than 20 years ago meant trouble Wednesday for a Franklin County Hospital.

Franklin Regional Medical center wants to move to Youngsville - a move some say shouldn't be allowed to happen since the county doesn't have key paperwork.

The hospital's owners, Health Management Associates, must give the county yearly reports on how the hospital adequately serves the underprivileged of Franklin County. So far, the county can't find any reports. The commission has given the hospital 30 days to comply.

“This was a very important part of this agreement, or should have been. And it’s just been paid not even lip service,” said Louisburg Mayor Pro-Tem Boyd Sturges.

Franklin Regional CEO Brian Gwyn says the reports were an oversight.

“We will be happy to provide those reports to the county. We were awaiting an official request for those documents,” Gwyn said.

The hospital filed two applications with the state to move and build a larger facility in Youngsville - closer to Wake County and more patients.

Gwyn said he doesn't believe the reports will be an issue. He says the hospital provided nearly $8 million in indigent care funds this year alone.

Hospital administrators said they also believe if it weren’t for the hospitals proposed move to Youngsville, the issue would never have come up.

“This is something that we can easily work through, and I think that Louisburg has blown this out of proportion,” Gwyn said.

“If you give your word to something, you’re supposed to live up to that word,” Sturges said.

Sturges said he wants the hospital to stay in town. He says the lack of reports prove the hospital does not keep its word. Gwyn says once the county sees the reports, they'll prove the hospital lived up to its end of the bargain.

Franklin Regional joined forces with Rex Healthcare in its latest bid to move to Youngsville. A Rex spokesperson said the questions surrounding Franklin Regional's yearly reports should not have any effect on their partnership.


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