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Workers Say They Were Sacked Over Complaints About Not Getting Paid

Posted December 4, 2007 9:34 p.m. EST
Updated December 5, 2007 1:05 a.m. EST

— At least six former employees of a Fayetteville business say they went for several weeks without being paid before they were fired.

Victoria Wells said when she confronted her boss at Express Satellite Services on Cliffdale Road about not getting paid – she was fired.

Jennifer Badger said owner Raymond Jett owes her about $2,000 in pay.

"I have a son. He hasn't had a Thanksgiving, and he's not going to have a Christmas. I don't know what to do,” Badger said.

WRAL's Bryan Mims tried to confront Jett, but he refused to say anything on camera Tuesday. He did say six employees were fired because they, "did some stuff they weren't supposed to, like falsifying time sheets."

The owner is also accused of not paying rent on the Express Satellite Service building since it opened in August.

"Day one, he wrote us a bad check – insufficient funds," property manager Charlie Reck said.

Reck works for property owner W.C. Jones. He said an eviction notice is expected to be delivered to Jett.

"He's in arrears of his rent for over four months, and this will be the fifth month. It's just one excuse after another," Reck said.

Jett allowed WRAL to speak with a current employee who defended him.

"I have never had any problem with Mr. Jett as far as pay goes. He's good for the money. I've got the greatest amount of faith in Mr. Jett," said employee Duey Butler.

"I'm upset because there's not just me, there are other mothers that work for him. Single parents that are being evicted, losing their cars, losing their homes because of him," said fired employee Victoria Wells.

No complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau against Express Satellite Services.