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Midway Operator to Return for 2008 State Fair

Posted November 26, 2007 5:49 p.m. EST

— The Pender County company that ran the midway at the North Carolina State Fair in October will operate the carnival rides and games at next year's fair, state Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said Monday.

Powers Great American Midways operated the largest midway ever at the State Fair in October – 113 rides – while accommodating a record crowd of almost 859,000 people, Troxler said.

"Powers is a well-run family business that has demonstrated the ability to meet our high expectations, and the financial terms of the contract have been very good for the state," he said.

The company will pay the state $5.50 for each person who buys an admission ticket to the 2008 State Fair, the same base rate as this year. Powers paid the State Fair $4 million this year.

The 2008 contract includes a provision that allows Powers to lower its payment 20 cents per person by bringing in two rides that aren't older than 24 months and have never been at the North Carolina State Fair before. This year, Powers qualified for the discount by bringing in Lucky Lizzie and G-Force.

A change in the 2008 contract could benefit fairgoers by allowing the State Fair to sell more advance ride tickets at a discount. The limit will be 350,000, up 25,000 from this year.

Troxler said the increased inventory will give more people the opportunity to take advantage of pre-fair savings. Ride sheets containing 18 tickets will sell for $10 in advance and $18 after the fair begins.

The 2008 State Fair is scheduled for Oct. 17-26, 2008.