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Granville County Man's Vehicles Spray Painted With Racial Slurs

A Granville County man says he returned home after the holiday weekend to find two of his vehicles covered in racial threats.

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GRANVILLE — A Granville County man returned home from the Thanksgiving holiday to find racial slurs spray painted on two of his vehicles.

Ralph Bowman said a pickup truck and bus parked behind his house were covered in offensive language and symbols, written with green spray paint. One slogan proclaimed "KKK 4 Life."

"It's the words they used, that is all, it's the words that they used,” Bowman said that upsets him the most.

He moved the vehicles to his front yard, he said, to teach his community about hate.

"By bringing it out like this, it allows everyone the opportunity to see,” Bowman said. “We got somebody that needs some help."

Similar slogans and symbols were spray painted on another family's garage door. That house belongs to the only other black family on the street, Bowman said.

Bowman had just finished painting the bus. He planned on using it to transport area children to church on Sunday.

The Granville County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident, and deputies said they already have a few good leads.

If you have any information that could help, you are asked to call investigators at 919-693-3213.

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