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Teacher Assaulted; 8 Teens Arrested After School Fight

Posted November 7, 2007 11:03 a.m. EST
Updated November 7, 2007 1:57 p.m. EST

— Eight students were arrested Wednesday following a fight at a Raleigh high school, police said. At least one student was charged with assaulting a school employee.

The fight happened at about 7:30 a.m., before classes, in the cafeteria at Leesville Road High School, principal Dr. Steve Gainey said.

A 16-year-old student was charged with simple assault, assault on a government official/employee and resisting a public officer.

According to the arrest warrant, the student twice pushed a teacher who was trying to break up the fight.

The other students, most being 16 and 17, face charges of misdemeanor assault and/or affray.

No one was injured, Gainey said, and classes were not disrupted.

"We're going to have school every day," he said. "If people don't want to behave, we're going to deal with it, and we're going to move forward."

Nearly 2,500 students attend Leesville Road High School.