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Son Takes Over Family Business for Slain Father

The son of a slain store owner is taking time off from medical school to run his father's business.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Inside Bobby's Grocery store, it might look like business as usual. But in a tiny room in the back, a young medical student is overseeing the daily operations.

"When I was in med school, I thought it was very difficult and challenging," Khurram Tariq said. "But now, that I'm in this situation, I think med school was a piece of cake. It was nothing."

Tariq, 24, graduated this year from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was in his first semester at medical school in Grenada. He put school on hold, however, and returned home to work in the store where his dad was shot to death.

"I just think that God put me into it, and he'll help me out of it," Tariq said.

Tariq's father, Tariq Hussain, was found dead Oct. 14. Police have since been searching for his killer, setting up checkpoints, canvassing neighborhoods and asking anyone who was at the store prior to the crime or who knows anything about it to contact police at 919-890-3555.

Raleigh police said they are making progress in the case, but they do not have anyone in custody and do not have any suspects. The store's surveillance camera captured an image of the assailant, but his face is covered.

"It's very difficult for them. It's more like looking for a needle in a haystack," Tariq said.

Tariq said it is now his turn to give back to his family by taking over for his father.

"He worked very hard for us," he said. "He worked, and he never complained."

"Even when he was alive, I used to tell a lot of people that he's a much better person than I am," he added.

Tariq said he hopes to go back to medical school in January. He said that is what his father would have wanted.

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