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Ex-Enloe Teacher Plans to Sue Wake School Board

Posted October 31, 2007 6:54 a.m. EDT

— A former Enloe High School teacher plans to sue the Wake County school board.

In February, Robert Escamilla was suspended with pay after he invited Kamil Solomon, head of Kamil International Ministries, to his class. Solomon handed out pamplets entitled, "Why Women Should Not Marry Muslims."

The school board said Escamilla knew Solomon's guest-speaking engagement would denigrate Islam and was not acceptable. Escamilla was later reassigned to Mary E. Phillips High School.

On Oct. 17, school board members released part of Escamilla's personnel record because members felt they needed to protect their integrity. The records both praised and criticized his teaching ability.

Escamilla, who taught at Enloe for 18 years, also fought to get a 12-page reprimand removed from his employment file, but the school board denied the request.

Escamilla's attorney said he plans to file suit next week.