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100+ Dogs Seized From Raleigh Home

Posted October 23, 2007 7:04 p.m. EDT

— More than 100 dogs are in the custody of Wake County Animal Control after they were recently seized from a Raleigh home.

According to a 26-page search warrant, the approximately 112 dogs, primarily toy poodles, and eight birds were taken from the residence at 8252 Holly Springs Road after a woman who was looking to breed her poodle reported filthy and crowded conditions to authorities.

An animal cruelty investigator reported in the warrants that animal waste accumulated on the surfaces of the animal housing and that the residence was "heavily infested with cockroaches" and rodent feces, as well as strong smells of ammonia and an infestation of bugs.

Neighbors said the animals were raised, groomed and boarded at the residence and that the noise and odor coming from the property were a nuisance.

"The investigator looked around the property, did an assessment and determined that she had the grounds to take possession of the animals," said Mike Williams, with Wake County Animal Control.

An investigation is under way, and authorities have not yet determined whether the resident of the property, Janie Conyers, will face charges.

Conyers declined to comment Tuesday, but according to the warrant, the woman who called animal control said Conyers "was an elderly woman who lives alone and who has few resources," and that Conyers requested a loan from the caller to purchase dog food.

The animals have not been placed up for adoption and it was unclear if or when they might be.

Animal control officials said the best thing the public can do is to help an animal from their regular population.