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Proposal Could Shut Off Future Water Problems in Henderson

Posted October 22, 2007 12:18 p.m. EDT

— A valve could limit the problems caused by water main breaks in Henderson, officials said Monday.

A 14-inch pipe near the intersection of Booth and Flint streets in Henderson burst last Thursday morning, emptying two 750,000-gallon tanks in an hour. The break left 17,000 customers dry, and the problem spilled into Vance, Franklin, Granville and Warren counties, which are all on Henderson's water system.

Representatives of Kerr Lake Regional Water, the state Division of Public Health and area counties and towns met Monday morning to review the incident and develop ways to prevent similar problems in the future.

A shut-off valve in Henderson was proposed to limit the impact of main breaks in Henderson. All water from Kerr Lake goes directly to Henderson, then to other counties, and officials said a new valve could shut off water in Henderson without affecting the flow to customers outside the town.

A committee has been appointed to look into the issue.