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Rolesville officials approve mega-subdivision

A recently approved mega-subdivision could triple the population of Wake County's smallest town.

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ROLESVILLE, N.C. — Rolesville town leaders unanimously approved a rezoning request that will allow the construction of a mega-subdivision that has stirred worries about overwhelming roads and other infrastructure.

The Town Board of Commissioners voted on Tuesday to allow Ammons Development Group to build 831 new single-family homes and townhouses, as well as a 23.5-acre mixed residential and commercial project. Commissioners had annexed 355 acres north of town for the development earlier this month.

Commissioners approved Averette Farms to deal with the population they expect is coming to Wake County's smallest town. Its population is predicted to triple over the next three to five years. Rolesville has seen that type of growth before, but spread over more than 15 years – from 572 in 1990 to 1,711 in 2006.

Those numbers have some worried how Rolesville will deal with increased traffic, particularly around Averette Farms. Bumper-to-bumper traffic is not unusual on U.S. Highway 401, which 26,000 cars travel daily.

"There's no question. It's going to get a lot worse," resident Ellen Viker said.

"Traffic on 401 will probably be wall-to-wall all the way from Forestville Road, all the way probably to Louisburg," Andrew Curran, owner of Anzio's Pizza, said.

Town leaders said they are aware of those concerns.

"Highway traffic, oh man, that's going to be one of our biggest problems," said Mayor Frank Eagles, adding that town leaders are  working to figure out how to best accommodate the ever-changing population.

Construction of a U.S. 401 Bypass around town will help the traffic situation, Eagles said. However, Department of Transportation officials said they do not expect construction to begin until 2011.

"It's not as fast we need it, but at least it's coming," Eagles said. "Maybe we can negotiate a little faster."

The town will contact DOT soon to request the agency speed up the bypass project. DOT officials said they have a lengthy list of procedures to follow before they can begin road construction.

Despite those traffic concerns, town officials said the new subdivision is a win-win situation for Rolesville. More people will mean a larger tax base and a better quality of life for everyone, officials said.

Averette Farms' developer, Andy Ammons, argued that his project offers an organized way to go about growth in Rolesville.

"Sure, we're growing. Growth cannot be stopped," Eagles said. "It's going to happen."


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