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Wake School Board to Release File of Ex-Enloe Teacher

The Wake County Board of Education on Wednesday will release the personnel file of Robert Escamilla. The former Enloe teacher was reassigned after officials said he allowed a speaker to hand out pamphlets critical of Islam to his class.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Wake County Board of Education has upheld the superintendent's decision to reassign Robert Escamilla from teaching duties at Enloe High School.
Tuesday night's decision came after Escamilla filed a grievance to have the decision and a 12-page reprimand letter overturned.

For the first time in 20 years, the board also voted to release information from Escamilla's confidential personnel file.

"Given the level of misinformation being presented to the public by Mr. Escamilla and his representatives, this board felt it was absolutely necessary to take the steps to protect our integrity," Rosa Gill, chair of the Wake Board of Education, said in a news release.

Escamilla was suspended with pay in March after Kamil Solomon, head of Kamil International Ministries Organization, handed out pamphlets critical of Islam to Escamilia's class.

School officials said Escamilla crossed a line. He was later reassigned to the alternative Mary E. Phillips High School.

Escamilla testified Monday before a grievance committee in his effort to get the reprimand removed from his employment file.

"I think what's been done to me is wrong," Escamilla said Monday. "I got singled out."

A number of students also testified on the social studies teacher's behalf.

The school board said it has uncovered issues regarding Escamilla's teaching performance. Material supporting the board's claims was to be released from Escamilla's personnel file Wednesday morning.

"This information will demonstrate to our community that the investigation into the situation involving Mr. Escamilla was thorough and fair and the actions of the superintendent and principal were justified," Gill said.

Escamilla and his attorney, Billy Strickland, said the board and superintendent have unfairly attacked his 18-year employment record.



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