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Drought Doesn't Spare Pinehurst Resort

Posted October 12, 2007 6:57 p.m. EDT

— Mother Nature doesn't discriminate when it comes to the statewide drought, forcing the well-heeled visitors to Pinehurst Resort to go without some luxury amenities to conserve water.

Plastic cups have replace crystal glasses at the resort's restaurant, the hydrotherapy pools at the spa have been drained and guests have been asked to reuse towels and take short showers.

"This is everybody's challenge," resort manager Scott Brewton said. "If all of us collectively don't make the effort, then the restrictions will become more severe."

Moore County implemented Stage 3 water restrictions last week, which call for all water customers to reduce consumption by 50 percent. Since the new rules went into place, average daily consumption has dropped from 2.4 million gallons to 1.65 million gallons.

Although the Stage 3 restrictions prohibit outdoor watering, Pinehurst Resort pulls water from a private lake to keep its famed golf course fairways and greens lush. It also uses lake water to wash golf carts.

"I have no problem at all (with the cutbacks)," golfer Gail Puleo said. "We're going out to dinner (Friday night), and I'm sure we'll get paper cups and we'll have to request water."

Other businesses around the Village of Pinehurst also are feeling the pinch from the new restrictions.

"We went strictly to disposable plates and cups," said Koley Keel, owner of Village Deli.

The plastic costs Keel more than washing dishes would, but he said it's better than the alternative.

"I don't know what we'd do if we ran out of water," he said.