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Historic Wake Forest Home Moved

A historic home was safely moved six blocks in Wake Forest. The I. Beverly Lake House was the home of a North Carolina Supreme Court chief justice.

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — A historic house in Wake Forest came off its foundations and safely to rest at its new home on Wednesday, thanks to the work of preservationists.

The I. Beverly Lake House was moved six blocks from a temporary site at Stadium Drive and Wingate Stree to its new permanent location at 416 N. College St. on Wednesday morning.

The 90-year-old house was the old childhood home of a former North Carolina Supreme Court chief justice and had been owned by the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Capital Area Preservation has already sold the house as a private residence for around $140,000.

“Many historic structures are worthy of continued use and are able to be used continuously. This is a perfect example,” Gary Roth, executive director of CAP, told WRAL during renovation of the house in August.

The house had been in the center of the SBTS, formerly Wake Forest College. The seminary plans to build a new student center on the old site of the house.

Capital Area Preservation bought the house when the seminary announced its plans and moved it to a temporary site. With K.B. Bunn and Son and Williams Custom Building, CAP spent two years renovating the inside of the house.

“It’s a monumental task, much more than anyone would anticipate,” Roth said.