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Pets Apparently Poisoned in Harnett Neighborhood

Residents say more than 20 dogs and cats have been poisoned in a Harnett County neighborhood over the past three years. The latest death happened on Tuesday.

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KIPLING, N.C. — More than 20 cats and dogs have apparently been poisoned in a Harnett County neighborhood, and pet owners are pleading for the killing to stop.

The pet deaths stretch over three years in the Fox Chase development, off U.S. 401 in the Kipling community, residents say, and most have been from antifreeze poisoning. The latest death happened only two day s ago.

Marcia Travers said Nightmare, a 150-pound male Rottweiler, used to lord over her yard on Allen Drive with his female twin, Amber. But on Tuesday, she noticed Nightmare was acting ill.

"He was real lethargic and losing his balance. He tripped and busted his chin wide open trying to come up the steps," Travers said.

She took Nightmare to the veterinarian, who said the dog had been poisoned, possibly with antifreeze.

Neighbor Mary Brown said she had 10 puppies who got violently ill and died in a similar way in April. She took the first two who got sick to her veterinarian, who said rat poison might have killed them.

"Within in 24 hours of that, I had eight more go down – boom, boom, boom," Brown said.

"This was the saddest thing you'll ever see, because these guys really cried while they were dying, because this was painful. They staggered around. It's horrid."

Residents said they have alerted the Harnett County Sheriff's Office and Animal Control. In an investigation two years ago, animal-control officers found traces of antifreeze and meat that had been thrown into someone's yard.

Authorities said they have no suspects in the case and need witnesses to come forward before they can make an arrest.

"They tell me no one can do anything without actually catching the person doing it," Travers said.

Authorities are asking Fox Chase residents to be vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activity. Travers said she will be watching.

"I've gotten to the point where I think someone needs to take a stand in this neighborhood," she said.


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