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More Water Conservation Required in Siler City

Posted October 1, 2007 2:38 p.m. EDT

— Siler City's water customers will be required to cut their consumption in half by next week, after Mayor Charles L. Turner proclaimed a water-shortage emergency on Monday.

All households and businesses must cut their water use by 50 percent by 8 a.m., Monday, Oct. 8., according to mandatory reductions adopted by the town Board of Commissioners. Other banned uses include all watering of lawns and outdoor vegetation, washing cars, power-washing driveways and sidewalks, and filling pools and fountains.

"Continued very dry weather with little prospect for improvements in the near future makes it necessary to ask for these strict conservation measures," the ordinance signed by Turner reads.

Siler City backed its water restrictions with strict consequences: a $500 hit for the fist violation, a civil injunction for the second, and termination of service within three days for a third.

Customers have been asked to reduce water consumption by 20 percent since Sept. 10. when the town's Rocky River Reservoir was down 9 feet. At that time, Town Manager Joel Browder told WRAL he hoped to stretch out a 90-day water supply for another 30 to 40 days.

"With everyone's cooperation, such measures can significantly reduce the Town's water consumption and help to maintain adequate water reserves," the new ordinance urged.