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Turn Lane Confusing Drivers in Downtown Raleigh

At the intersection of Blount and Davie streets in downtown Raleigh, drivers are parking in a turn lane and it’s causing a lot of confusion

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Progress in downtown Raleigh is causing some traffic troubles. The problems are at the intersection of Blount and Davie streets, where drivers are using a turn lane for parking. There is no signage telling drivers the turn lane is off limits.

The parking confusion started when the developer of the Progress Energy Condos took down construction fencing.

Donna Haynes works in downtown Raleigh. She said with no fencing or signage, there have been a few close calls for drivers trying to get into the condo parking deck.

"They're crossing Davie and going to move into the right lane to turn into the parking deck, but then they're having someone side swipe them on the right," Haynes said.

The turn lane, turned parking space, is outside Jolin Eckman's first-floor condo.

"At five o'clock, it's bumper to bumper traffic and when you turn that corner over there, you could hit a car," Eckman said.

The city may be making some changes to Blount between Davie and Carbarrus streets. A proposal has designated part of the block a loading and unloading zone for businesses. The other half would be two-hour parking.

"That's going to differentiate clearly what's allowed in that block. I think the developer got the sign moved quicker that we anticipated. So there's been some confusion on the block," Michael Kennon, transportation operations manager with the City’s Public Works Department, said.

Some condo owners said they like the open parking with no limits. Of course, it is convenient, particularly if you live on the first floor.

This issue will be on the City Counsel's agenda next Tuesday. If the parking proposal is approved, the new signage could be in place by October 9.



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