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Wilson County Adapting to Water Boiling Order

About 1,500 customers in Wilson County have to boil their water.

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WILSON, N.C. — About 1,500 customers in Wilson County have to boil their water.

Routine tests on Wednesday detected coliform bacteria in the water supply for Southeast Water District customers. Until additional tests come back, people will remain under the boil water order.

People have been coming up with ways to go about business as usual.

The Bridgersville Grill is a popular lunch spot where very little changes day to day. Owner Ray Watson knows the regulars by name. Fries, burgers and grilled cheese are always on the menu.

On Thursday, things were a little bit different. The grill crew had to scramble to get ready in time for the usual lunch crowd. Watson's place falls under the county's boil water notice.

“Takes a little bit longer, a few more hours,” Watson said. “We have to use bottled water now instead of our water from the spickets. And with the tea, lemonade, all this here has to be boiled.”

They're also boiling before cooking and using hand sanitizer.

“And the ice machine, we had to buy ice to put in it,” Watson said.

Gardners Elementary School also had to adapt. Classes continued, but they brought in bottled water and hand sanitizer for the kids.