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From Clinically Dead to Lottery Winner, Man Beats the Odds

Posted August 30, 2007 7:36 p.m. EDT
Updated August 31, 2007 12:08 p.m. EDT

— Wallace Terry had never won a thing in his life. This past year, in particular, had been tough for the 69-year-old.

Just one year ago, Terry was rushed to the hospital after suffering a serious heart attack. Doctors pronounced him clinically dead, but he survived.

One year later, almost to the day, his fortune took a different turn.

Every week, Terry played $10 on the Powerball lottery game. He stayed up late to watch the drawing Wednesday and got quite a surprise as he watched the numbers appear.

“I saw the first two was right,” Terry said. "I moved my thumb to the next one, and the third one was right. I moved to the fourth, and it was right. I just shut my eyes, (then) looked down and saw the fifth one was right.”

Terry matched all five white balls, though not the Powerball. It was enough, however, to win him $200,000. He called his kids, his brothers and his sisters. No one could believe it.

It was the second time Terry said his heart skipped a beat. The first time nearly killed him.

“[My wife] said, ‘You stay right there. I am going to call the rescue squad,'” Terry said, recalling the day he had a heart attack.

The doctor was able to bring him back. Terry's number wasn't up until a year later with his lottery win.

He chose the winning numbers at random. After taxes, Terry took home $136,000. He and his wife plan on using the money to make renovations to their home.