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Wildlife Officials Issue Warning After Alligator Caught in Harnett County

Posted August 10, 2007 7:22 p.m. EDT

State wildlife officials issued a warning Friday after a Harnett County family and their neighbors captured an 8-foot alligator in a nearby pond recently.

“While alligators are rarely a threat to humans, attempting to trap, possess or relocate the animals without proper training is not only dangerous but illegal,” said Johnny Buck, public information officer for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

With help from their neighbors, a family from Harnett County captured the alligator with fishing poles. The scene was caught on videotape. They then called in wildlife officials to help move the gator to another, safer location, which has not been disclosed.

“Alligator bites can cause serious wounds, and their mouths may carry a host of dangerous bacteria that are difficult to treat with antibiotics,” Buck said. “Even the smallest alligators can host these harmful microbes. In addition, larger alligators can break bones with the swipe of their powerful tails.”

If anyone observes an alligator acting aggressively toward people or is aware of anyone feeding alligators, they should report such incidents to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission by calling 1-800-662-7137.