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Ulcer Medication

Posted December 4, 1996 12:00 a.m. EST

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People with ulcers are enjoying pizza, spaghetti and all sorts of spicy foods again now that scientists know it is bacteria, and not spicy foods, that cause most ulcers. That bacteria can be wiped out and patients become ulcer free if they take a combination of antibiotics. Getting patients to take all the necessary medications can be difficult, But as Health Team Pharmacist Alicia Underwood explains, now that just got easier.

The FDA has just approved a new therapy to help ulcer patients. It's called Helidac Therapy, and it combines all the bacteria-killing medications in one easy to use package.

According to Dr. Allan Cutler, Each Helidac therapy package continues three different medications to kill the h-pylori bacteria that cause ulcers. "H. Pylori is one tough bug. We know that eradicating the h.pylori bacterium is key to curing someone with ulcers."

Helidac therapy does cure ulcers. In clinical trials, when helidac therapy was used with an h-2 acid suppression medication, the h-pylori bacteria was killed in 82% of the patients. More importantly, says Cutler,.91% of all the patients had no ulcer recurrence after one year. "Medications only work if they're taken properly. I'm happy to see a company has developed a product to help patients take their medication correctly."

Patients also get a booklet explaining helidac therapy plus stick-up notes to remind them when to take their medication.

As with any prescription medication, there is a risk of side effects. Those who wish to try Helidac therapy should consult a physician to see if helidac therapy is appropriate.

For more information on helidac therapy call toll free, 1-888-443-5432.