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Heavy Rains Flood Creeks, Dampen Plans

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RALEIGH — The rain fell fast and hard in the Triangle Friday. It wasn't a disaster,but it washed out the afternoon commute. The heavy rain rushed intocreeks, swelling them over roads. The downpour is over, but the damageremains.

Wake County received more than its fair share of rain from Mother Nature.In just two hours more than an inch fell. Drivers had some of the mosttrouble with the heavy rainfall. Robert Wright of Vanceboro says itruined his trip to the airport.

"The car in front of me just stopped, completely stopped," Wrightexplains. "And when I stopped, my vehicle started sliding. I didn't havecontrol of it."

The trooper who handled the accident has one big tip to help prevent rear-enders in this weather. Increase your following distance.

The rain created some places where people shouldn't drive at all, or atleast proceed very carefully. An overflowing Crabtree Creek left the maindriveway to an apartment complex in North Raleigh under a foot of water,creating a big inconvenience, especially for people carrying preciouscargo, like their children.

And just a few miles away, road crews blocked off a local street, and ineffect, Virgil Horton's driveway.

Earth already loosened by construction didn't weather the storm well. Awall of mud came sliding down next to Lynn Road near Highway 70. The messdidn't reach the street, but if we get another downpour, it could.