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Hoke Investigators Hope FBI Profile Will Help...

Posted January 16, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— After a week of intensive work, Investigators in Hoke County still have made no arrest in the Brittany Locklear murder. The five year old girl's body was found last Thursday after she was abducted from her school bus stop Wednesday.

Detectives are hoping an FBI profile will help lead them to the killer. They admit that with each passing day, the trail gets colder. The sheriff's department has been working with the FBI in Quantico, Va. to put together a profile of the sort of man who might commit such a crime, and to let area residents know what to watch for.

They say he might be trying to hide a vehicle, or to clean it intensely. They also suggest the the suspect would likely be experiencing a great deal of stress, would be increasing any use of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, and would probably be taking an interest in news of the investigation.

Byrd believes whoever did it is still within a 50-mile radius of Raeford. He hopes the person is remorseful and will turn himself in. And Byrd says if the person does give himself up, he will personally pick him up and treat him with dignity.

Byrd also said investigators don't believe the killer acted out of anger. They said while the girl was sexually assaulted before she was killed, her body wasn't mutilated.

Raeford social service workers have begun handing out white ribbons for people to wear on their clothing to remember Brittany by.

Tips so far have been vague, according to Byrd. He says he hopes an FBI profile will spark something more useful.

Investigators are now asking everyone to look for any signs, such as changes in a neighbor's behavior or someone's unusual absence from work. They want to hear about anything that might possibly help in their search.

Byrd's department has been looking for a brown pickup truck. Witnesses to the abduction say that's what the suspect was driving at the time. Now, Byrd says they are looking for any kind of pickup truck, especially if the owner's behavior has changed.

Area residents are being questioned as to whether they know anyone who is displaying suspicious behavior since Locklear's death. Investigators emphasize that they do not have a specific suspect yet.

Photographer:Mike Joyner