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Roxboro Residents Get Light Icing

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ROXBORO — The Virginia border counties are always the first to get the bad weather.Person County is no different. Wednesday night, Roxboro faced athreat of ice. And although freezing rain was reported, some localresidents were prepared for far worse.

From the slow sales at the IGA in Roxboro, it seemed the ice storms upnorth were having no effect down south. But some resident like Sadie Dunnwere taking no chances. Sadie was stocking up on juice, soda, liverpudding, vienna sausages and toilet tissue.

When wintry weather is in the forecast, the DOT kicks into action.Freezing rain can ice up the roads quickly. Wednesday night, DOT truckswere resting up for what was expected to be a long day ahead.

Maintenance Engineer Bill Timberlake said the plows were ready to bemounted. The trucks were fueled, and employees were prepared to bemobilized.

As it turned out, air and road temperatures were warm enough when the rainarrived to prevent freezing on trees and power lines. CP&L didn't have toworry despite the fact they had plenty of crews ready to go. Some 10% ofCP&L crews are up north assisting with the efforts to restore powerthere.

Person County was reporting ice forming on cars, as of the Noon hour.However, ice was not forming on trees or power lines. No road problemshave been reported.