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Events Scheduled to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King

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RALEIGH — His goal was a color-blind society where people would be judged by their individual gifts, and not by the color oftheir skin. Thursday a week-long celebration of Dr. Martin LutherKing's life and dream begins.

Crowds are gathering at Shaw University to remember the civil rightsleader. The Shaw rally kicks off a week of events in the Triangle. WhileMonday is the official holiday memorializing King, Thursday is his actualbirthday. That means there will be, as some see it, a 5-day-longcelebration.

Shaw President, Dr. Talbert Shaw, says the school didn't want King'sbirthday to be trivialized.

Dr. Quincy Scott, Dean of Shaw's Boyd Chapel, said he wants to seeKing's dreams and ideas celebrated year-round.

Dr. Shaw said he doesn't understand why there aren't more observancesscheduled for King's actual birthday. There was one other in the areascheduled for Thursday evening at Duke University.

Some high school students are also honoring King Thursday. The John LockeFoundation scheduled a debate and public discussion on King's legacy for7 p.m. Thursday, at the First Baptist Church on South WilmingtonStreet in downtown Raleigh. Students from Sanderson, Broughton,Southeast Raleigh and Enloe high schools were invited to participate.

Photographer:Ed Wilson

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