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Two Injured in Freak Accident at Post Office

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ROCKY MOUNT — An unusual accident at a Rocky Mount postoffice has left two people injured. Early Wednesday morning, a drivercrashed her car into front of the building.

The woman was apparently pulling into a parking spot directly in frontof the post office at about 9 a.m. when something went wrong. The NissanSentra crashed through the plate glass store front, through a row of postoffice boxes, and came to a stop about 40 feet inside the building.

Two postal workers were slightly injured as they sorted mail into theboxes. Postmaster Frank Clary says it took a while to realize what hadhappened.

Carl Willey, chief of the local rescue squad, happened to witness theaccident. He says he called for backup before going inside the building,because he didn't know what he might find inside.

The names of the Nissan's driver and the two injured postal employeeshave not yet been released.

Reporter/Photographer:Brian Bowman

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