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Girl's Death Brings Back Another Painful Past

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Brittny Johnson was shot to death while she was sleeping.
ROCKY MOUNT — As friends and family members struggle to cope with BrittanyLocklear's death, another person says she was at Monday's funeral in spirit. She is the grandmother of a little girl, also named Brittny whodied in violence last year.

Lynette Tyree feels a special tie to Brittany Locklear's family, even thoughshe's never met them. Her four year old granddaughter, also namedBrittny, died while sleeping last June when several gunman shot into herRocky Mount home.

"It was just like the night," Tyree says. "It was just like it happenedagain to me. See, they cause pain up there to that family, and they'recausing pain down here, too."

Tyree says the Hoke County death brought back painful memories, so she'staking on a project to make everyone aware of violence against children.She doesn't want a repeat of what happened to her granddaughter, BrittnyJohnson, or what happened to little Brittany Locklear in Hoke County.

In honor of both little girls, Tyree is starting an anti-violence campaigncalled "Brittny."

Co-founder Ada Bellamy says this is just the start of healing for bothfamilies.

"It can't stop there," Bellamy explains. "It's got to continue. The loveand understanding, the support, most importantly the support. You've gotto be there."

Both women say they want to support Brittany's family emotionally, andlet the rest of us know that being aware of these problems is the firststep to ending them.

The newly formed "Brittny" group plans to get together soon to talk aboutits options. If you'd like to get involved, call919-446-0519.

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