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Friends, Strangers Bid Farewell to an "Angel"

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RAEFORD — Since its beginning, the story of Brittany Locklear has touched the heartsof people across the state. Monday, both people who knew her and evenstrangers gathered to say goodbye.

It was a difficult day for Raeford. The untimely death of Brittanytouched close to home for family members and for many people who havechildren of their own.

It's never easy to bid farewell to a friend of relative who dies, but thedeath of a little child is often more grief than a person can bear.

Principal George Marston of West Hoke Elementary told the crowd ofmourners to imagine Brittany happy and free, playing in God's land.

An entire community came together to pour out its collective sadness.Family, friends and strangers came to remember a life gone too soon.

Ramona Clark, Brittany's art teacher, remembers her former student as agirl who was always smiling.

Pam Elsasser brought her children to the funeral to lay pink carnations byBrittany's side. The death has caused her to think more about her ownlife and the life of her children.

As for the person who kidnapped and killed little Brittany, Reverend TonyHunt issued a stern warning as he delivered the eulogy. Hunt warned thekiller not to be afraid of Sheriff Wayne Byrd or the FBI, to be afraid ofGod's wrath.

Hunt also asked mourners to pray for the capture of the suspect. If youhave any information that might lead the authorities to Brittany's killer,you are asked to call 1-800-496-3803.