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Delay Sought in

Posted January 12, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— Attorneys for a former Monroe police officer have asked for a delay in the start of his trial on charges of kidnapping and first-degree murder so that they can review documents.

Josh Griffin, 24, is accused of murder in the death of cocktail waitress Kim Medlin last year. He could receive the death penalty if convicted. Griffin has said he is innocent.

The trial was moved from Union County to Rowan after prosecutors cited courtroom publicity and a crowded court schedule.

Officials ordered 125 potential jurors to report to the Rowan County Courthouse for the trial.

Investigators say that Griffin, who worked as a public safety officer in Monroe, has admitted violating police rules by stopping motorists while he was off duty. Just eight days after Mrs. Medlin's body was found, Monroe Public Safety suspended Griffin without pay; one infraction was patrolling off duty the night Mrs. Medlin disappeared.

Investigators say Griffin told them that ``he made a couple of traffic stops ... white females in their 30s. He called none of the stops in on the radio, he gave both individuals verbal warnings, wrote no traffic citations ... and does not recall the name of either person stopped.''

The district attorney's office has consistently refused to discuss any of the evidence or strategy for the trial. Defense attorneys also have declined interviews.

But in court motions, Griffin's defense lawyer, Harold Bender of Charlotte, has called the state's evidence weak and twice asked the court to set bail.

Both requests were denied.

Motive, a crucial question, also remains a mystery.

Mrs. Medlin's family members say they're certain she didn't know the rookie police officer. Investigators have said privately they're convinced the two had no friendship or romantic relationship.