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What Kind of Person Would Hurt a Child?

Posted January 9, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— Brittany Locklear's kidnapping and murder are the topic of conversation in offices and homes all over the state right now. A Question many people raise is: "why would anyone hurt a child"?

A group of Wilson women have never met Brittany Locklear, but the little girl's kidnapping and murder still hits close to home. Each of them says she thought about her own child as details of Brittany's abduction unfolded.

"I can't imagine what would possess someone to do something so horrible," says mother, Lauren Green. "It is just so hard to conceive that anyone could hurt a child."

William Edwards is a psychotherapist. He agreed to talk with WRAL in general terms about this type of behavior. He is also a parent.

Edwards believes the person who committed the crime was an emotionally sick person with an obsession toward harming children.

He says this type of "victimizer" is typically angry at someone in his past, and sees a child as a tool to act out those feelings.

"He would think totally different than we do," explains Edwards. "He would use the child as a victim, seeing her as an object to be used by him."

In spite of the horror of Brittany's abduction, Edwards says parents can learn from it and to talk to their own children about being very careful.

As investigators search for evidence of Brittany's killer, parents all over our state say they'll hold their own children a little closer tonight.

Dr. Edwards wants to make it clear that he is addressing this type of behavior in general terms only. He says only the suspect or suspects know the real motive.