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Habitat Makes Home Ownership a Reality

Posted January 8, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— The struggles of several area families will soon be eased as they get the chance at home ownership for the first time. WRAL has joined with Habitat for Humanity in the building of new houses in Fayetteville and Durham.

Today it's only mud and water and the makings of a foundation, but it will soon be much more.

The future homeowner, April Gilmore, says it's like a dream to her because she has never had anything on her own.

In a few months, April will own her own home in a Durham neighborhood. Her home will be part of a major three-block renovation and clean-up project, where 30 new homes are being built, ten of those by Habitat for Humanity, where 10 families will live the American dream for the first time.

"Home ownership means much more than just shelter," says Bob Calhoun of Habitat for Humanity. "It's a foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty."

This past year, Durham's Habitat for Humanity built 10 homes. In 1998, the number will almost double. It's an ambitious goal, but it means families like April's will live a life they felt was only meant for someone else.

April's daughters is just as excited as her mother is about moving into the new residence. Everytime the four-year-old and her mother ride by the work site, she says, "are we ready to move to our new house yet?"

Habitat for Humanity is proud to have April as a partner. April is proud of what will be her new home. She hopes to move in by the end of February.

Habitat for Humanity is always looking for volunteers. They have many jobs that need filling -- even if you've never held a hammer. For more information, call919-682-0516.

andKerrie Hudzinski