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Man Arrested in South Carolina for Hardee's...

Posted January 7, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— A Robeson County teen-ager waived extradition after being arrested in South Carolina for the slaying of an assistant manager at a Lumberton fast-food restaurant.

Travis Walters, 17, of Fairmont, was charged with first-degree murder Tuesday for the early-morning death of 18-year-old Betty Janes Oxendine, who worked at a Hardee's restaurant.

Oxendine and another female employee were working at the Hardee's when a man entered about 2:45 a.m. Tuesday. The man jumped over the counter and made them go into the back office to get money. After receiving the money, Taylor said, the man shot Oxendine.

Walters was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Nichols, S.C., at his grandmother's mobile home, Marion County Sheriff's Von Dean Turbeville said.

``There were a lot of people there with him,'' Marion Police Capt. Buddy Feagin said. ``He was sitting on the porch with one other guy. I think it was kind of a surprise to him when we drove up.''

``We had received information that he was not going to jail,'' Feagin said. ``We expected him to be armed and dangerous, but we did not find a weapon on him.''

Authorities recovered a gun from the home of Walters' mother, who lives in Lake View, he said. They also found $428 in a pocket of Walters' clothing and a bus ticket for Washington, D.C., according to Feagin.

Walters waived extradition and was transported back to Robeson County on Tuesday night. A spokeswoman at the Robeson County Jail early today could not confirm Walters' return.

The restaurant, which normally is open 24 hours a day, was closed and cordoned off with yellow tape Tuesday. Co-workers sobbed as they spoke with police inside the building.

Boddie-Noell of Rocky Mount owns the restaurant. The restaurant has a security camera inside.

Ms. Oxendine's father, Bradley, said his daughter, the youngest of three children, lived at home with her parents.

She graduated from Purnell Swett High School last year and had worked at the restaurant for about two years. She also worked a part-time job as a security guard and had completed all of her classes at Robeson Community College to become a nurse's aide.

She recently was promoted at the Hardee's to assistant manager, but that meant working from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., a shift that worried Miss Oxendine and her parents.

``She feared someone would come in and rob her,'' said her mother, Betty Rea.

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