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Show Them the Money

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$200,000 is missing, and police want to know what happened.
RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Two Wells Fargo employees areon the hot seat after $200,000 they were carrying last week turned upmissing.

The money disappeared last Monday in the Research Triangle Park. WellsFargo driver David Faircloth and messenger Steven Stepp delivered money tothe IBM building at the corner of Miami Boulevard and Cornwallis Road.

The workers then headed up Cornwallis Road to a credit union at anotherIBM building. They say that somewhere along the heavily-travelled,one-half-mile stretch of road, the $209,000 simply disappeared.

The Morrisville Police Department took the initial report, interviewingthe two employees. Sergeant Felecia Sykes says that it looks suspicious.

Wells Fargo would not comment on the incident, nor would they comment onthe employment status of the two workers. WRAL contacted Stepp's wifeTuesday afternoon, and she would not comment on her husband's employmentstatus, either.

Wells Fargo has reimbursed Coastal Federal Credit Union for the entireamount of $209,000. The Morrisville Police Department, the Durham CountySheriff's Department, and the FBI are investigating in the case. An FBIspokesman told WRAL that they are looking into whether criminal activitywas involved in the money's disappearance.

Sergeant Sykes says that they're still looking, but there is a very slimchance that the cash will turn up.

Police say that the cash was inside a white Wachovia money bag.

This is not the first time a large amount of money has disappeared inNorth Carolina.

In September, the money trail from the largest armored car heistin history ended near Asheville. The FBI found almost $19 million in astorage shed.

A Loomis Fargo Company driver is charged with hijackingthe truck in Florida. Philip Johnson was arrested trying to make his wayinto Mexico. Police say a receipt from the storage facility led them tothe loot.

Less than a month after that money was found, there was another Tar Heelheist. This time in Charlotte. Police believe David Ghantt took$15 million from a Loomis Fargo warehouse.Some of the money was recovered in a stolen van, but Ghantt and$12-million dollars are still missing. Loomis Fargo is offering ahalf-million-dollar reward for any information that could lead them toGhantt and the money.

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