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NC Law Enforcers Testing High-Tech Crime Fighting

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NC State Troopers are the beneficiaries of a $10 million pilot program with computerized information on suspects.
RALEIGH — Law officers all over the state hope a newcomputer system will prevent a tragedy like the deaths of those officersfrom happening again.

North Carolina is taking part in a pilot program for the computers that can tell officers, at the touch of a button, whether a suspect has acriminal record. State officials are showing off the new technology at thestate Capitol.

The system is state-of-the-art. Funding for what's being called theCriminal Justice Information Network came from Congress. NC alonereceived $10 million. Leaders at both the federal and state levels arehoping that this will improve safety for law enforcement officers.

What officers will be doing is calling up computerized criminalhistories in their patrol cars. They will see photographs of the suspects in addition to criminal record information.

NC is the only state to receive this technology. Richard Moore, NC'ssecretary of Crime, Control and Public Safety, says it will help to havefast, accurate information on the small percentage of the population whoare criminals.

NC Senator Lauch Faircloth secured the funding from Congress, anddedicated the project to those officers killed in the line of duty.

Leaders admit that $10 million is not enough to fund the entireproject. NC is the model in a pilot program.

Photographer:Mark Copeland

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