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It's a Battle of the Booze

Posted January 6, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— It's the right to choose versus tradition. And it's a choice facing a lot of growing counties in North Carolina. The issue of liquor by the drink is stirring up debate in Granville County.

In places like Oxford, you can't buy a mixed drink in a restaurant. But, people who want to change that will soon send a set of forms to every registered voter in the county.

If seven thousand registered voters send them back, liquor by the drink will be on the ballot in the May election. The leader of the newly formed Granville Citizens Against Liquor by the Drink, couldn't be more upset.

Supporters and opponents of liquor by the drink are both lining up for this battle over booze. In the end, it'll, be up to the voters to decide if liquor flows.

Thirteen out of 100 counties in North Carolina allow liquor by the drink sales. They include Wake, Durham and Cumberland Counties. Only five counties, all of which are in the western part of the state, are totally dry.