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Some in Franklin Co. Dismayed by Tax Assessment

Posted January 5, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— Franklin County leaders say its stretch of US Highway 1 is on the verge of a boom. Some say the county is already cashing in on the promise of success in its reassessment of property values.

Franklin County Manager R.G. Leary says the re-evaluation is required by law.

Not everyone appreciates the property appreciation. John Deal was worried when he got his property value increase notice. He says he doesn't understand why it's gone up so much.

Deal's assessment amounted to a 300 percent increase, and his is not the only one that climbed that much. Residents throughout the county have been shocked by reassessments. In places such as Franklinton, which is filled with empty storefronts and closed businesses, the fear is that high property taxes will be too much to handle for people struggling to get by as it is.

Deal says he doesn't know how people on fixed incomes will survive such increases.

Leary says every case is different, and that people need to investigate if they feel their assessments are unfair.

It's important to note that higher propertyvaluesdon't necessarily mean residents will have to pay higher property taxes. County leaders have come up a new tax rate for the budget year that starts in July. That's when residents will know how much they'll have to pay.

Anyone with questions about a property assessment, can set up an appointment with the appraiser who is designated on each assessment notice.