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Dozens of Vehicles Seized Since New DWI Law Went Into Effect

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School officials haven't yet figured out how they will handle responsibility for vehicles confiscated from drunk drivers.
RALEIGH — North Carolina's tough new DWI laws have beenin effect for just over a month now and, in that time, officers haveseized dozens of cars from repeat offenders. The trouble is, those carsare starting to pile up.

Michael Mulherin of Durham Public Schools explains the role schoolsthroughout the state are now playing in the enforcement of those new laws. The new responsibility for storing and selling the cars seized from drunkdrivers is a huge task added to an already heavy load for schools.

Evidence of how bad drunk driving is can be can be seen in some of theconfiscated vehicles. One car is still fully loaded with six cases ofbeer. Such evidence underscores the intent behind such the tough newlaws.

Mulherin says that goal of getting these drivers off the road is worththe inconvenience that some schools may experience during this adjustment period.

North Carolina Lt. Governor Dennis Wicker says everyone has an eye onthe new law to see how well it's going to work.

The highway patrol has been busy since the DWI law went into effect. Sofar, troopers have seized 235 cars statewide -- 16 of them in Wake County, four in Cumberland County, and three each in Orange and Durham counties.

Photographer:Joe Frieda

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