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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Posted January 3, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— The post-holiday parade of Christmas trees is an environmentalist's dream. Many believe it's a great way for Wake County residents to get rid of their trees positively.

The Wake County Christmas recycling program started four years ago, and now that the word is out, hundreds of people are dropping off their trees and trimmings.

Joanne Gajewski says recycling the tree was just a step beyond his/her normal household recycling. Donna Becker didn't want to see his/her tree end up in the garbage.

The idea behind the recycling program is to offer an alternative to landfills. Instead of dumping your holiday trimmings in the trash, organizers plan to turn your Christmas garbage into something new.

"It's almost a full circle venture," explains organizer Lynda Fuller. "They're recycling new packaging that you and I will purchase next Christmas and will use day today when we go to the grocery store."

But that's not all. The Christmas trees will be used as mulch around businesses and schools, while old holiday cards will be made into new ones.

And you know those bows and ribbons? You might be wearing them on your head at the next First Night Raleigh.

If you catch a whiff of Christmas in February, it was probably something from this recycling event. And who knows? Months from now, the presents under your Christmas tree may very well be made of things you throw out today.