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Blind Man Builds Homes, Dreams

Posted January 3, 1998 12:00 a.m. EST

— Keith Lameth used to be a carpenter. But when he started losing his vision five years ago, he had to give up his career. Now legally blind, Lameth is using his woodworking talents and his love of dogs to stay busy.

He builds the dog houses in his North Carolina home. But Lameth is the first person to admit it isn't easy.

"I have to pay attention more than I used to," Lameth says, "and I still shoot my finger, cut my finger all the time, getting cut all the time, getting hurt."

Lameth says just being able to do something that makes him feel good is reason enough to keep working. Every day, he spends hours in his shop alone.

The doghouses are Lameth's own designs. It takes about six hours to build each house.